Naval architects, maritime surveyors, freight forwarders, port operators, crew managers, oil & gas services, ship brokers, etc. In the course of your activity, you can cause damage to your counterparties and to third parties resulting in contractual and extra contractual liability claims. SEASECURE has developed insurance covers dedicated to numerous industries with specialized first class insurers on the French and British markets. Our team of lawyers is at your service to analyse and handle your risks.

Transit and Forwarding Risks

Liability insurance and physical damage insurance for Forwarders, NVOCC’s and other Logistics and Distribution companies.


Port, Harbour and Terminal Operators Insurance

Insurance for the property, equipment, liabilities and financial exposures of port, port authorities and terminal operators.


Stevedores Liability

Insurance against legal liabilities incurred for damage caused to vessels, cargo and property or for death or injury as a result of stevedoring operations.


Marine Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance to protect Ship Brokers, Ship Agents, Ship and Crew Managers, Surveyors and consultants, Naval architects etc. against third parties claims for negligence, error and omission.